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Photo of Jan Li
Cant connect to iPad / iphone
Aften my flex 6400 was in to get a new ad card, i Got this problem i cant connect to my iPad or iPhone, but my Maestro and my laptop work...
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Photo of Dennis
Maestro freezes on transmit
Totally new to FlexRadio Systems. I just got a 6400 and Maestro. Every time I use the key on the Maestro, the 6400 gets locked in transmi...
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Photo of Asher - K0AU
antenna genius two flex radios
Just racked my 6300 next to my main 6700 radio. Set up the Antenna Genius to point to the 6700 on portA/Ant1 and the 6300 on Port B/Ant2....
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Photo of Sergey Abrikosov
PGXL learnings
Received PGXL 2 days ago and currently learning/testing. Few questions to other users: 1. PGXL Utility jumps in CW mode on every dot/dit...
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