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Photo of Andy Parcel
Using a band-pass filter
Its required that when you use a band-pass filter, it need to go between the radio and the tuner. A radio with an internal tuner may eith...
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Photo of K1UO - Larry
FLEX 6300
Anyone got a Flex6300 bare bones (No ATU) unit they are thinking of parting with?  Pse contact me off line with details, condition, firmw...
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Photo of KF3F
CW Filters
In SmartSDR, why the jump from 800 Hz to 3.0K in cw mode filters? One would assume a jump to 1K an 1.5K would precede 3.0K.
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Photo of John, G3WKL
RF Preamp setting
On the topic  "FT8 Receive Meter Control" Tim, W4TME usefully reminded us of Gerald's help topic on setting the RF Preamp gain.  We've go...
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