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Photo of Ed baker
Wiring up my modem into the db15 plug I noticed that pin 4 can be used for CW?? and FSK?? If so when . Or How ?? There presently ...
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Photo of Gerald - K5SDR
Is SmartSDR v2.0 ready?
Dear Customers,As you may be aware, our software team and alpha test group has been hard at work developing and testing the new SmartLink...
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Photo of Stefano - W2WTZ
6500 power
The power meter on my 6500 shows a maximum of 85W. I checked with LS2K4 Wattmeter that is a little bit more accurate than a bird and tha ...
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Photo of W5XZ - dan
I just don't get it. Why is FM, and LAN more important than a minimally functional NB??? digging for 9K2 on 160 w s-8, s-9 line noise; I...
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