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Photo of K4MT
Flex 3000 spurs
My flex 3000 puts out a bunch of spurs only when tuned between 7.177 and 7.185 on 40 Meters. Turning on SR causes what you see in the pic...
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Photo of Richard
PGXL March '2019 Updates
Thread is to ask those that have ordered the PGXL and have Received the Amplifier a few questions.  All hoping that those that have recei...
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Photo of Paul F6EXV
FT8 and ALC on 6500
Hi allI keep having messages that my signal is bad on FT8.I am using Windows 10, SmartSDR v2.4.9 and WSJT-x v2.0.0I am told it is an ALC ...
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Photo of Paul
Multiflex & DAXIQ
Does anyone know if all users connected via multiflex will be able to generate a DAXIQ stream at the same time? If so, this might persuad...
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Photo of Bob
Quick record or XVTA
I am setting up an EV RE320 on my 6400M (it does work, no problem). Does recording on Quick Record give me a true rendition of how I soun...
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