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Photo of N5LB - Lionel B
Flex on CW
At first I didn’t pay much attention, but then I kept hearing it over and over in reports, “great keying” or similar. Using the internal...
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
FRLogger Website
Hi all,I've finally put up a preliminary FRLogger website.  Like the program itself this site will be evolving as needed.The important th...
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Photo of Ken
6600 Focus Helper and N1MM
This is an existing conversation but thought I would post to possibly make it more visible :).  Can anyone help me figure out how I can m...
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
WWV Centennial Celebration
Hi All, This is another bump for the upcoming WWV Centennial Celebration coming up roughly Oct 1, 2019. I'm part of the group helping t...
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Photo of Volker Geith
WPX SSB raw scores DL4RCE
Hi all,some days ago I got my raw scores from the WPX 2019 contest.1. DL1. EU1. WORLD40m monoband, High Power, Assisted, (T) class.I did ...
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