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Conversations 1741 - 1760 of 1837
Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
Hex Beam Antenna
I just completed the installation of my hex beam antenna. I hooked it up to the 6500 and voila, great results. Thanks to the Flex team fo...
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Photo of K2CM
CW is Fabulous
1. CW problems have been fixed! the 6700 is a delight to use in CW! 2. Break-in appears to work too! 3. The CW filters appear to ...
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Photo of Yin Shih
Fast warranty turn!
I had a minor problem with the front panel Key jack on the 6700 that required returning the radio for warranty repair. I duly sent it in...
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Photo of K6OZY
The keyer is Amazing!
Through the preview, I used my WinKey because of all the small issues with double dits, lagged audio, and other growing pains with the k...
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