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Photo of Bill-W9OL
QSO 97500 tonight
Worked qso 97,500 a few moments ago. These last 500 or so were all JT65 or JT9. I've got the 6K really dialed in on JT modes now. Waitin...
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Photo of Bill -VA3WTB
SSDR features?
I am wondering. In PSDR under panadapter there are many options like scop, Phase, Histagram, and more. Are there going to be those offere...
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Photo of K1FR
SSDR Display Hanging
Have a feeling this is a problem with my computer and not SSDR or my 6700.  But, just wondering if any others have seen the following:  a...
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Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
Mac mini And Bootcamp
Cannot get bootcamp to find my network. Everything works great in Parallels. I want to check both out and make up my mind as to which one...
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Photo of David McVinnie
SWR Sweep
The signature series radio hardware can already measure SWR.  Why not create a software routine that sweeps an antenna (in BYP) and plots...
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Photo of Bill -VA3WTB
Pure signal?
I received this email from some one today. I am putting in some of his comments. We talked about pure signal and he can't understand why...
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