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Photo of Joe
A real handycap for DXers
Listen to DX on slice A then decide to call on their QSX freq placing TX on slice B. All is good. But now go to another band momentarily ...
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Photo of KM4CQG
HRD Caution
There was a release yesterday 01/17/19 of HRD be very cautious of it.Upon install it needs to Load VisuCalc C+++ 2017. This pro...
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Photo of Dave
1.7.30 locks up
Just had my 6300 lock up. SSDR froze, and a steady beep from the speaker. I had to hold the power button in for about 5 seconds to get th...
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Photo of K1ESE
FlexControl Changes Functions
My FlexControl knob changes functions on its own.  My buttons are AUX 1 = Slice AF, AUX 2 = AGC-T, AUX 3 = RIT, main knob = Tune Slice.  ...
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