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Photo of Frank, IZ7AUH/AK1CQ
Microham to Flex-6000
Hello Dave WO2X has appropriately responded to my question regarding the connection of the Flex 6500 MK2 microHAM through the accessory o...
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Photo of Stan - VA7NF
hardware refresh
Hardware did a refresh this morning to V1.1.2.14, SSDR remains at  It said the previous versions were incompatible.  Can I expe...
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Photo of Tim - W4TME
GEN returns!
I am surprised that there hasn't been any comments regarding the return of the GEN band button in SmartSDR v1.1.3.  Well, it is back.  Ro...
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Photo of Frank, IZ7AUH/AK1CQ
PTT Noise
Good evening I want to report a problem known that the pressure of the PTT, this is also present in CW, both the beginning and end of the...
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