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Photo of Don WB3FTQ
do i need a router
just ordered a 6500. my PC has one Ethernet port which is in use by my cable modem. do i need a router (i think i do) if so, what kind do...
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Photo of Ken - NM9P
CW Skimmer Question
Does anyone know the update policy for CW Skimmer?  I couldn't find definitive information on the website.  I am planning on getting it, ...
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Photo of k0eoo
Some ideas to increase ease of use...
After using my 6500 for about a year now I have identified a couple of changes that would enhance usability.  Less mouse clicking and mor...
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Photo of David, KE5RV
frequency drift
Forgive me if I have overlooked something but I haven't seen mention of the before. When I upgraded SmartSDR to version 1.2.1 (from 1.1.0...
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Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
TNF works but not like PSDR. I turned it on and it got rid of the tuner upper but it also distorted the audio.
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