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Photo of N4TTY
Upgrade Paths
Am I correct in assuming that I can load the 0.13.10 software when my 6700 arrives and not bother with the 0.12.17? Or do I need to do t...
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Photo of Greg
what about cw persistence??
Please please please include cw settings in the first persistence release. Delay Pitch Status of iambic button (mainly use externa...
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Photo of James Kennedy-WU5E
Thanks for all you do
Flex, you guys are doing a bang up job and getting the radio and software out to us. I hope you sell a lot radios. Also consider mobile r...
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Photo of K4EAR
I've lost my CAT32
Before upgrading I deleted the original CAT32 and it did not load with .13.10 after the update sequence.
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