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Photo of Greg
Undocking EQ pane
When operating from the house using my Lenovo Yoga with SSDR maximized the eq panel does not show up (yes, in SSB mode). OS on the Yog...
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Photo of Stan - VA7NF
Selecting 2M shuts down the 6700
As previously reported I have had a similar 2M reset problem on a 6700 that was "corrected" by a radio reset. There were NO other applic...
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Photo of Roy W9QM
REMOTE-ON,This program is not listed on the Road Map, and is a simple program to allow the Flex 6500 to be operated remotely.I had a simi...
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Photo of Greg
Tuning in the panadapter
During our crazy wind storm this evening I am setting up for the NAQP. Just about done but I would like to request something for the nex...
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