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Photo of David
Equalizer Operation
I do not see a 10 db change on the equalizer range, could Flex Radio check and see if the EQ is working as intended? Using EV, RE 20, ba...
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Photo of Greg
CW MON persistence
Please add CW Monitor level to the next round of persistence. The default of 80 is too loud for me when using headphones. 73 Greg
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Photo of pa0bie
TX1 , TX2 , TX3
How can I asign this RCA connectors on the rear of thew 6700 to a specific band. F.i. TX1 to 80 meter , TX2 to 136 KHz and TX3 to 477 KHz.
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Photo of Greg
bandpass filters
bandpass filters not setting correctly. I am on 15M and the panadapter displays 21.020-21.034. I have one slice open on 21.029MHz. W...
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