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Conversations 121 - 140 of 5573
Photo of Max, N5NHJ
Change fonts
Hello there, I'm running SmartSDR on a 4K monitor. Text and controls are too small. I know I can change some configurations in Windows10,...
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Photo of Bob
3000, firewire
Firewire connection quit working. Do the cables go bad? it hasn't been moved in 5 years. the card shows no problems. The radio powers up ...
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Photo of W2ECK
Paddles, CW & V3 ??
So just got Smartlink running on a Windows 10 laptop. Been reading thru archives but didn't find any solutions. Wondering if there are an...
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Photo of K1UO - Larry
Rack Mounting
There is a need to consolidate equipment at a rented remote space.   Any suggestions as to a rack that would hold a Flex6600,  PGXL  (pos...
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Photo of Mauro HB9FBG
CW training
Hi colleagues,before (with the Yaesu FT5K) I did CW training with the DM780 without going to TX. Now I have configured FlexRadio with Ham...
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