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Photo of Bob
hard wire cat control
Does Flex have any plan to add hard wire CAT control to the accessory connector of the 6500 ? This would made interfacing to newer amplie...
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Photo of Asher - K0AU
Control Surfaces
While we have mousing in SSDR, FlexControl and K6TU iPad (thanks Stu!) available as control surfaces, there's a whole ecosystem of gaming...
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Photo of Pat - WH6HI
CAT Slice assignment and persistence
Objective is to be able to assign  CAT ports to slices and have it be persistent.  Those or us that use multiple digital modes, also like...
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Photo of Greg
Radio profiles
Since the radio's persistence is now basically a snapshot of the radio I thought how excellent it would be to have radio profiles that ca...
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Photo of WBB
My New 6500
My new 6500. Just received my 6500; very nice.  I have been in “testing” mode for two days now and have some question (and / or sugge...
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Photo of K2CM
Startup request
When starting SmartSDR, I am required to select a radio by a mouse click. Would it be possible to eliminate the click so that SmartSDR ...
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Photo of John
flex 1500 - usb3
I found that switching to a USB3 port, or add-on card, the waterfall display is  visually much improved.
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