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Conversations 101 - 120 of 1806
Photo of Doug
I am Flex less
Dropped my 6400M off at the local UPS terminal this AM to get the final PEN done. Already missing it hurry home my 6400M
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Photo of Larry - W8LLL
I pulled out the old Flex SDR-1000 with the 100 watt PA as the only option that I haven't touched since before I bought my 6500 in 2014. ...
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Photo of Neil   N4FN
Awesome service
This past Tuesday I received an email from Flex service saying they were ready for the part 2 of the PEN update  (I had already replaced ...
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Photo of James Kennedy-WU5E
ACLOG 6.3.6 beta
got it working now., I have to start ACLog first then SmartSDR and it works. Any other way ACLog will says the API did NOT make a connect...
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