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Photo of jimbest
s meter plus
Will someone please share a copy of the software for the S Meter V1.6? I had V1.0 and it was lost when changing computers. Thanks in adva...
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
FlexLib API - How to set profiles
Hi all, Working with FlexLib API. I am adding the ability to control profiles into FlexLogger.   I'm having some issues on how to get ...
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Photo of Steven G1XOW
swr mismatch
An odd one....Flex 6400 that shows good SWR on all bands, and near enough matches the readings from my in-line Daiwa DN-801, except on 30...
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Photo of W5AP
SO2R profile question
When operating SO2R RTTY using N1MM+ to switch slices in "dueling cq" mode, each time the radio switches slices, the MONitor function has...
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Photo of Jamie WW3S
so2r tx profiles
trying to setup for SO2R rtty using N1MM...the how to setup SO2R guide on the flex website doesnt mention anything about TX profiles........
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