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Conversations 81 - 100 of 8913
Photo of roger na4rr
freq shift
What the heck is going on.  6 meter has opened up some this morning.  When I tuned people in I noticed my dial freq was way off from what...
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Photo of Mark
IC-7600 and PGXL
Has anyone successfully interfaced an IC-7600 to a PGXL? I had the 7600 interfaced to my Ameritron 1306 using the Band Data from the ACC...
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Photo of AC9S
PGXL Tilt Bail?
Looking at Flex's Dayton dinner sign-up email I think I see the back view of a PGXL tilted up.  Does the amp have a tilt-bail? Thanks, ...
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Photo of Pat N6PAT
FT8 mess
Anyone ever see this zig zag on the WSJT-X FT8 waterfall? If so what caused it? I've been seeing this every few days and it causes decode...
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Photo of John
Select a Version Screen
New 6400 owner, so far love the radio and am enjoying learn new things. I am using version 3.0, everything loaded properly and works cor...
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