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Photo of Bob
6400m audio problem on FDX monitoring
Hi all  What am I doing wrong? Using FDX to set up profiles and the sound quality is like I am in a huge echo chamber or a special amplif...
  • Bob, 2 weeks ago

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Photo of A.J. AJ2I
RX EQ SSB Guidance
Looking for some guidance on using RX EQ on SSB. I've noticed when using RX EQ, cutting 1K helps reduce noise but the gain of the signal ...
  • 2 me toos
  • 7 replies
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Photo of Jamie WW3S
rtty low tones
trying to set for rtty low tones, I figured out how to change the default mark freq, receive is fine, but nothing going out on transmit. ...
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Photo of Burch - K4QXX
PGXL January update
I have emailed Flex sales with questions about the PGXL orders weeks ago and have never received a reply. The last Flex update I saw was ...
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