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Photo of Paul RN3A
Additional features for SmartCAT
SmartCAT works good for me so far, but I have some ideas I would like to share. - SmartCAT creates a pair of virtual COM ports, with t...
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Photo of Al
CW sidetone level adjustment
Need some way to adjust the CW sidetone level independantly from the signal audio levels. The sidetone level should be constant, in my op...
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Photo of Dale KB5VE
iPad app
Ok not sure where this should go but here we go. I know we are a long way to go on this journey,but in the future will we have a app for ...
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Photo of Al K0VM
Click Tune offset for RTTY
on my wish list of functions to be added to SSDR/F6k is Click tune offset for digital modes, especially RTTY.. With current implimentati...
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