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Photo of Michael Walker
PGXL Amp available in the Store
All I have a few PGXL's in the store now if you are interested.  Shipping is in about a week or so. Info:
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Photo of W5AP
USB CAT Cables by slice
Is it possible to set up multiple USB CAT Cables by slice?  This is to control bandpass filters in a SO2R environment.  Previously it was...
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Photo of Bill Hickey
My PGXL drops off if transmitting into a 40 M antenna with 1.5:1 SWR or greater.  Same type of problem that it used to have on 80/160M be...
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Photo of Rich McCabe
Sizable cat window
Would be nice if the CAT window could be sizeable by width like it is length. Or better yet just change it to  the same width as the DAX ...
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