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Photo of Iain McLachlan
QRP mode?
How can I lower the power below 1W? QRP isn't much of a challenge when WSPR is still doing >5000 miles on 1 watt into a mag-loop sittin...
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Photo of Takeshi Yamada
SSDR v1.4
Another week or less to the final free release of SSDR v1.4, but the community is very quiet... Will it be released on Friday?   And wha...
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Photo of KY6LA - Howard
K3 vs 6700?
Last weekend I participated in a farcical NON Scientific shootout between a IC-7800, KX3, K3 and a Flex 6700 during the CQ WW SSB Splatte...
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Photo of Tony Hateley
Deleting ssdr
I have just built myself a new desktop computer to run my new flex on,at the moment I run it on my laptop but it is not ideal,do I just d...
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