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Conversations 61 - 80 of 1849
Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
After installing SSDR 3.1.7 everything worked well. I checked for hidden devices since I had removed DAX & CAT drivers for the new instal...
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Photo of Michael N3LI
Morre Windows fun
Some recent Windows updates have been eliminating local accounts so beware. Also, on my HP Envy, I had disabled Windows update service i...
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Photo of Pat N6PAT
DAX issue with 2.6.0
When starting up SSDR all seems well until I expand the DAX panel. All channels are flagged yellow with no apparent audio in the meters e...
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Photo of Gene - K3GC
For the past week I have been getting sporadic noise on 17 and 20 meters (20 The worst).  It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour...
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