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Photo of W2ECK
Which Version of V3 to Use ?
I am about to  upgrade my 6600 to v3. Do I use the links to v3.0.19 originally sent out or  use v3.0.24 which seems to be available for d...
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Photo of selvin
CW Upgrade mode
I use my paddle ( not the keyboard) to send , and receive with my head. Can their be a split screen showing what I’m sending with my padd...
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Photo of Joseph Rodick
Ukrainian Transverter
What is the proper Bias setting (RV2) for the Ukrainian 2 meter transverter?  I just  fixed the problem, but during repair, I adjusted th...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
Version 2.5 Release
Feedback from Dayton that I’m hearing is that many Flex users don’t like the auto save profiles in version 3, and that this issue might ...
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