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Photo of Ken
Page right / left for Panafall?
I would enjoy having a "page right" button at the bottom of the waterfall on my Maestro, just to the left of "Meters" and a "Page left" b...
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Photo of Rich - N5ZC
SO2R High Power Filters for Sale
I'm not much of an SO2R op, so I'm selling my 4O3A high power filters and triplexer.  See
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Photo of KM6CQ - Dan
Help Video
I spent some time last night putting DAX back together again from the 1903 update. I would find it valuable for Tim to make some videos ...
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Photo of WX7Y
Selling my lightly used FLEX 1500 QRP Radio
The Radio is in excellent condition and has Power cord, USB cable, BNC-UHF adapter and Yaesu MH31MIC.   Asking here first to the FLEX com...
  • WX7Y, 2 months ago

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