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Conversations 5581 - 5600 of 5890
Photo of K4ELO
MON when MON is off?
Does anyone else with a 6000 hear a distorted version of their voice in the headphones when transmitting with the MON off? Just wonderin...
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Photo of K4ELO
direct cat connection
Is it possible to make a direct cat connection to a 6xxx through either the usb port or the db9 on the rear panel.  If not, is this a pla...
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Photo of geep
Internet required?
At FD (and all these problems I am posting seem to stem from that outing) I had strange things happen when starting SmartSDR.  We had no ...
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Photo of Asher - K0AU
Amp Switching
Have two different HF amps.  Am considering cabling Amp1 to Ant1 and Amp2 to Ant2 on the 6700, then using an antenna switch with 60 dB of...
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Photo of Bob G   W1GLV
mac mini
I'm considering purchasing a Mac Mini for my 6500. Has anybody had any experience with this computer and how much memory is required to e...
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