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Photo of Mike KD2CJJ
Recommendations on al80b hook up
For those of you using a al80b... Do you use hardware alc? Any tips for properly setring this up or to watch out for? Thanks Mike
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Photo of Ron
RMS Express SmartSDR Latency
I have RMS Express loaded and communicating with my 6500 and SmartSDR using Winmor 2K.  A dedicated CAT port is configured in Smart CAT. ...
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Photo of Ken - NM9P
Having used both MMTTY and FLDigi, I am interested in any testing results about which program has the most effective demodulator for RTTY...
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Photo of Roy Laufer
XVTR signal getting into ANT2???
Here's a curiosity that I just noticed... I was switching slice inputs to see how different antennas were picking up VHF Repeaters. The ...
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