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Photo of AH0U
maestro knob weight
I don't like the light weight feel of the knob on my Maestro... is there a way to increase the friction on the shaft so they don't spin s...
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Photo of Jim Best
Help setting up SoftEther VPN
I'm not sure of the steps to set up SoftEther for my Mastero. I received my Mastero yesterday and love it. Then I attempted setting up So...
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Photo of DrTeeth
Third time lucky
After the release of a second version of SSDR that does not have much for non-Maestro users, I can only hope that the next one can redres...
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Photo of Keith Nishihara
near field probe
It seems like the Flex radios could be used as a spectrum analyzer with a near field probe to track down sources of RFI in the shack.   C...
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