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Photo of John G3WGV
SPE2K-FA with 6500
I've been using an SPE 2K-FA with my 6500 for some time without the CAT interface, just blipping the key to get the amp to "see" band cha...
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Photo of John G3WGV
6500 transmit on 4m
I'm thinking vaguely of getting back on 4m after many years' absence. I understand that the 6500 covers 4m with a low level Tx output on ...
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Photo of Richard Zalewski
I think I should be concerned.  I see that while I am on 20m apparently a harmonic on 10m of my signal is being picked up 1100 miles away...
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Photo of WW1SS - Steve
Telnet Spots
Is there a simple program out there that will put the spots on the panadapter without a logger and everything else that is included in so...
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Photo of rgracer
Smartlink fails after update to 3.0
Everything went well with the new software, except I get a red light when I test the Smartlink. I cold restarted my 6400 after the firmwa...
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