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Photo of Hans Schmige
Maestro Antenna Selection Gain
if you switch from ANT1 to ANT2, ANT2 and RX ANT forget the changed RF Gain setting. ANT1 keeps the change.Why? It is very annoying to re...
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Photo of Lars DL4JLM
VFO A<<>B?
Hello all, I am missing the functionality to copy VFO B data to VFO A (A<<B) and exchange the VFO A and B data (A<>B). There ia a (A>>B)...
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Photo of Asher - K0AU
WTB Maestro B
Sorry to clutter the list with this request. I'm sheltering-in-place in my 2nd QTH and have great remote access network to my home QTH. S...
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Photo of Jean Drolet
Spot screen Maestro
 Already suggested putting the screen off when the Maestro is not used.  Tom said there is no problem that the screen is made for that. ...
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