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Photo of johnk0tg
CW keying Stutter
I have a 6600M running v3.1.8.  Lately when operating CW I have heard the CW keying stutter.  What happens is, I will hear the characters...
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Photo of Mark Smith - KB5KYX
I'm running a 2 tone test on my CESSB waveform, and once the compression meter gets over ~6db (there is no true scale on this meter so it...
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Photo of J R
CW QSK with 6400 & Maestro
Greetings;I've read countless (mostly contradictory opinion) postings about QSK in the various Flex 6000 products and it seems that at la...
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Photo of KC7ES
For Sale: Flex 1500
Excellent Flex 1500 with mic, cables, the works. Must downsize and this fine Flex radio needs to move on. Please see my ad on or ...
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