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Conversations 321 - 340 of 1994
Photo of Neil   N4FN
Awesome service
This past Tuesday I received an email from Flex service saying they were ready for the part 2 of the PEN update  (I had already replaced ...
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Photo of James Kennedy-WU5E
ACLOG 6.3.6 beta
got it working now., I have to start ACLog first then SmartSDR and it works. Any other way ACLog will says the API did NOT make a connect...
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
Crazy spots from skimmer
Using SliceMaster and my own software/spotserver I have created what I always wanted... Spots I can actually do something with!   My comp...
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Photo of Wayne
Zoom feature of v2.3.9
Bit the bullet although hesitant after the 2.3.7 release I updated to 2.3.9 from 2.2.8 this morning. All went well did the reset after th...
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Photo of Homer1952
Clean transmitter
There are a lot of things I'd like for Flex to improve.  But one thing they have nailed is very low IMD on transmit.  When I see a Flex 6...
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