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Conversations 2901 - 2920 of 3095
Photo of Sergey, R5AU
RF power, ALC
FRS Team !, for the moment i have no idea how the profiles logic will be designed in 1 year(roadmap), but for now i ask you to implemen...
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Photo of Sergey, R5AU
PTT via SmartSDR CAT
after several upgrades I am lost ability to set radio on TX via Smart SDR PTT port. With version 0.16.4 it is works well, with any afte...
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Photo of k0eoo
Cannot TX on ANT2.
I don't think this has been reported yet and nothing in the release notes. I have a 6500/V1.0.0. I am not able to transmit on ANT2. I ...
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Photo of Greg
CAT port
I know nothing changed with this CAT version with SSDR 1.0. But something is different and the only thing that changed was SSDR. With t...
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Photo of Don - kx9q
SmartSDR Locks Up
If I open two slice receivers on a single slice with one (B) at 7.020mhz and the other (A) at 7.170 mhz and set the first to cw and the s...
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