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Conversations 2901 - 2920 of 3440
Photo of Drax
474 band button
In the new 1.2.1 version the band button for 474 always sets the slice to 0.578.901.  What's up with that?  Also in the new version what'...
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Photo of K1UO - Larry
High SWR on 6M
I have my F6700 connected to an Alpha 2000 dummy load (1.8-54Mhz type) and was checking the xmit capabilities after the new V1.2 load.  I...
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Photo of k0eoo
CW speed persistence?
This questions is based on the statement Tim made for the v1.0.24 Beta software, that persistence exists for all options? If this i...
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Photo of Peter
Antenna Port Problem
I have a Flex6500 with the latest SmartSDR software V1.2.1I have an HF antenna on antenna port 1 and a 6m Yagi on antenna port 2.I want t...
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