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Conversations 201 - 220 of 9627
Photo of Ken AG2K
Time out timer
Does the 6600 have a time out timer for the transmit side? I recently lost my connection remotely right after pushing the tune button ...
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Photo of WW1SS - Steve
Streamdeck Profile
Anyone have a streamdeck profile they would share to get me going. I had to reformat my computer and didn't save mine ... DUH
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
FT4 decode
Hi all, I've been updating FRLogger to interact more with WSJT-X.  I have support built in now for posting FT8 and FT4 stations on the p...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
DRM with 6500?
Has anyone been successful setting up their 6500 to receive DRM, and where one can find the latest build of DRM software - I think it's c...
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Photo of Mike Hoing
Routine Cleaning for Dust
How often and how should one go about cleaning out the fans and other components fro dust that build ups in components like this. The fan...
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