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Photo of Jimmy Collis
Is it true that you have to plug the Maestro up to the 12v supply every 30 days or the internal clock will malfunction and you have to se...
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Photo of WW1SS - Steve
Audio Delay
Have Maestro B set up on table in my RV. I am running wirelessly to my router which is 6' away and am getting Excellent network status wi...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
AK on FT8
I apologize for being a bit off topic, but the Flex Community might be able to assist me. I'm looking to make an FT8 contact on 160m to A...
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Photo of Alfredo
Help with setup!
HiMy name Alfredo WP3C soon I’ll have my antennas up again (Hurricane Maria destroyed them). I have a question and would like your advi...
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Photo of John Watson
Yaesu Quadra
Anyone come up with a way to interface the Quadra amp to do automatic band switching with the 6000 series rigs without using N4PY?  I als...
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