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Conversations 201 - 220 of 1831
Photo of Jeff / K1ZN
For Sale
FS: Flex 6500 transceiver. Purchased directly from Flex Radio May of 2018 – less than a month ago – certified pre-owned. Has current vers...
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Photo of paul
6300 fan
I have have  one 6500 one 6600 one 5000 and 2 6300s . Just got notice the one 6300 in for fan repair is ready, Tim worked with me while t...
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Photo of WB0O
Great Customer Support!
The dreaded Microsoft update issues that everyone complains about here - I have been able to successfully avoid for years - until this pa...
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Photo of Mark WS7M
WPX fun
Hi all, Not a big contester but I have been working on my CW so this was a chance to go and get fast. I managed with only about 5 hours...
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Photo of Georges
FT-DX 101D
Yeasu FT-DX 101D is announced as an SDR Rig on a German importer's website. No further information except the price tag: 9999.99 Euros!  ...
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