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Photo of Nick M
I am new to flex , I have. 6300 with sda100 controller. I have read some stuff on this web site . I am not sure where I connect this sda1...
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Photo of Rich McCabe
60 meter chaos
Anyone else see this. Wiped out the Ft8 channel when I was trying to use it.  Not local as others saw it too.  About 18K wide. Based on t...
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Photo of James Madden
6700 & Maestro for sale
I have a 6700, Maestro, Down East 2m and 70cm amplifiers for sale at $5200. components are in a roll around rack mounted chassis.located ...
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Photo of Pat N6PAT
DAX issue with 2.6.0
When starting up SSDR all seems well until I expand the DAX panel. All channels are flagged yellow with no apparent audio in the meters e...
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Photo of paul
My 6300 would not boot after  2.6 update. My  other 6300 and 6600 worked fine. I started a help ticket at 9:50  AM. I got a responce  fro...
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