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Conversations 1 - 20 of 3006
Photo of Greg Zenger [N2GZ]
DAX distortion
My radio is on 24/7. Occasionally I find that when I transmit on DAX, There is terrible noise/distortion that occupies the entire TX band...
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Photo of Bob
Filter indicator
I cannot get the blue filter indicator around the slice bar on 40 meters. Changing filter width either from the pop up or pushing the but...
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Photo of Gene Duprey
Remote accsess
I am at a hotel that has WiFi with a password, but when I go to log in it never comes up with the log in screen but shows the WiFi is con...
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Photo of Burt
Flex 3000 Problem
Flex 3000: Blue Light on saying the radio is powered on. Green Light on back of the radio is lit saying the computer is talking with the ...
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