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Photo of AH0U
A/B 2MLDPA test
I am looking for a station in the SFO Bay Area who is using a 2MLDPA who would let me plug my unit into their Flex to confirm the operati...
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Photo of W5AP
When I started up my 6600M today, my usual CAT settings were all missing and only showed a TCP port 5002 and a Slice A Cat port 4.   I do...
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Photo of Richard Zalewski
no sidetone in headset
6600M.  I have audio in headset and speaker....but on CW I do not hear sidetone in headset only the speaker.
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Photo of Jamie WW3S
multiple crashes
had multiple (25+?) crashes this weekend on my new Flex 6600 during the RTTY WPX contest. Running ver 2.4.9 with a Maestro and N1MM+, set...
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Photo of Dick B
DPI Scaling issue
I changed monitors and now have the DPI Scaling issue - how to solve?  I changed from a 1920 x 1080 to a 1920 x 1200 monitor and now my f...
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