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Photo of Kent Olsen
SliceMaster and SSDR 2.5.1
I was able to install SSDR 2.5.1. The only problem I am having is with SliceMaster.  When CWSkimmer starts it is not on the same frequenc...
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Photo of Andy
OMG, found another item that will not work? SPOTS. The list gets longer. Settings> Spot box ok. But nothing doing.  Using Log4OM and 6400...
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Photo of WA5YOM
dax driver issues
AFter latest Windows 10 update and after numerous DAX driver uninstall and install attempts....still have a problem.....I am experienced ...
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Photo of Les Brown
SO2R timing issue
I have my 6600M set up for SO2R/2BSIQ operation. I have a timing problem when switching bands. Details of the setup: N1MM logging with 2 ...
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Photo of Martin
RCA TX does not operate
On my 6300, if I select  RCA TX 1, it does not work. No keying on my accesories (relay)I have tested every posible combination and nothin...
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