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Photo of K1ESE
RCA TX1 Won't persist
On startup, the remote 6300 has RCA TX1 disabled.  I enable it.  If I change bands I have to enable the TX1 line each time and if I go ba...
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Photo of Paulo Pinto
SmartLink login
Hi,I configure my SmartLink Setup in my Flex 6400M front panel using my Facebook credentials. When using the iOS app, there is no option ...
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Photo of Richard
PGXL February Updates
Another month is rolling out and Orlando Hamcation is upon us.  Has anyone, OTHER than the selected equipment testing group, received the...
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Photo of Jamie WW3S
RIT on knob B ?
The manual makes reference to section 32.1 on how to move the rit to knob b but that section doesn’t seem to reference it, is it possible...
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