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Photo of Bill-W9OL
Bob's going back to Kabul
N3HU Bob, is taking his Flex3000 with him to Kabul. Just a ground plane vertical. 40 through 10. Plans to do some digital modes, JT65, PS...
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Photo of on5po
test micro with 6300
Hello, Here it is, the results with different micros with the 6300  in first place Kenwood MC-60   second place: Yaesu MD100   third Yaes...
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Photo of David McVinnie
SWR Sweep
The signature series radio hardware can already measure SWR.  Why not create a software routine that sweeps an antenna (in BYP) and plots...
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Photo of Mike
Keep track of active TX
Its happened with my FLEX 6300 already. I've transmitted on the wrong slice. I can't imagine not doing this on the 6700 with 8 slices! Pe...
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