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I had just done a factory default restore and was setting up my sound output. I could not hear much so I turned up the volume and could hear the sound coming out of my Flexcontrol! I could not believe it. I checked everything and could only hear sound coming from the 'control. I checked everything and was in the process of writing a post here and only then did I realise I had left my earphones plugged in and they were sitting next to the Flexcontrol!

<Face palm>! Oh the effect of advancing years...
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Posted 3 years ago

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You have more guts than I do. I refuse to expose myself to some of the stupid things I have pulled off with my Flex.

Jim, K6QE

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My problem is I usually hit the SUBMIT button moments before realizing my mistake. I suggest an "are you sure?" dialog after SUBMIT. Maybe two.
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I had a similar experience but in my case the sound was coming from my fillings.
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Hi Larry,

Interesting. In my 34 years as a dentist, I have never come across such a case. At least I know it is possible so would not label such a patient a "nutter".
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Now I understand your sense of humor, a Brit and a dentist!
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Been there. Done that Guy more than once. With the Flex 6000 and remote one night I was playing on my laptop and my wife said: "Some one is calling you down stairs..." I had my 1500 running and monitoring a frequency I like.

I got kind of excited as she can copy enough code to know my call sign so I raced down stairs but before I did I muted my slice. Nothing... no sound... Perhaps my wife is losing it.

So I went back up stairs and said thanks... they must have called once or twice and left. I went back to remoting again. Made a couple of calls, in the middle of a QSO my wife peaks in, "you are getting another call!"

So I said thanks, finished up with the guy as he was more into contacts than chat. Muted my slice went downstairs again. Nothing...

By now I'm getting tired of the up/down stairs but she is trying to be nice and support. So 20 minutes comes by and she says "The same guy is calling you again... Its definitely your call!"

So back downstairs I go. Again nothing, silence for the most part. Then it finally dawns on me.... I began to wonder if when I press the blue remote button do the local speakers I have hooked up still work. So upstairs grab the laptop, downstairs, send out a test test de ws7m and sure enough nice and clear side tone through the speakers.

Yep... I was calling myself it seems or so she thought... Now I try to remember to mute the local speakers at the end of the day. Got my stair climbing in though!
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That's funny, except that I feel your pain, brother! :-)
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That's all funny both things made my day!
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I could not stopped laughing ... Are you sure you are okay?  LOL
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Am I okay?

You would not believe why my PC speakers seemed to have stopped working later on in the day. I checked all the volume levels I could think of and then espied the earphone wire! They are the small in ear types and not 'cans'.

I'll leave you and others to decide if I am okay ;-).