Yamaha CM500 hookup to 6600?

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Need to connect a Yamaha CM500 headset mic to the rear panel of a 6600 (non-M). With my CM500 (no pinout diagram or mini-manual included) - box doesn't say if it's dynamic or electret, but it comes with a separate mic(?) in-line small plastic box - a 1/8" TRS female jack and a pendant 1/8" TRS plug, and it holds 2 AAA  batteries. Does this mean it's electret and this is how using the battery (bias?) box gets bias to it in a unit that's looking for a dynamic mic and provides no bias? Web search for pin-out/element type used in the CM500 hasn't helped - no joy.

Much has been written here for connections to 6300's, 6500's, 6700's, M Versions of 6400/6600, etc. and there's even a caveat about some CM500's being wired differently. And I didn't see anything about which MIC definition (Default/Heil/etc.) folks used on the 6600 with the CM500 so that all's well.

So who's using a 6600 (not M) with a fairly new CM500 and has it all working fine? Could I hear from you? rayday**at**cox **period**net.

Thanks, 73,
Ray N6HE
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Ray:

Yes, if it has a battery box, it is an electret.
If you decide to use the circuit at the previous post LINK, I might suggest that
for the 10 microfarad capacitor, use a NON-polarized cap.  Not a standard
electrolytic where you will need to get the polarity correct.

If you don't have one, call me and come over to my shop, I can give you one.

Neal Pollack
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Ray: I have a Yamaha CM500 and initially could not get it to work with my Flex.  I received my 6600 in late May and regardless of what I tried, it could not get the Yamaha to produce any TX audio from the radio.

I spent some time with it yesterday and find that my Yamaha's wiring is different than shown at:


My CM500 was purchased in June 2014 from Amazon.  Apparently, newer purchases are wired differently. Here's what I found for mine:

So I have made an adapter cable to reflect the above pinouts and now have TX audio out of the radio.  I'm going through the process of optimizing the audio (processor, equalizer settings, etc.) and balancing the mic audio with the PC audio when using the PC as a voice keyer.

Tim K9WX

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Thanks for the post. I've got mine working (ordered in May 2019). Now, I'd like to know what settings you finally used for processor and equalizer for the CM-500.
Phil. K3UT
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Phil, I just now saw this.  I have been absent from the Community.  I am not much of a phone operator so I have not invested a lot of time setting up processor and equalizer settings for this Mic.  Looks like I am using NOR for the PROC.  Here are my cuts for the TX equalizer.  I'm a second tenor or baritone voice-wise.



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I just hooked up my YAMAHA CM500 to my flex 6600 using the above diagram of K9WX and works fine. Just got the headset from AMAZON (FEB 2019). The box says it is a DYNAMIC Mic. and comes with the little battery box. I tried the battery box first, it did not work. Then made up the adapter above and works fine without the battery box. Have it set for FHM-2 Mic, so the radio powers the mic. Had to turn the MIC drive down a little but it works. 

The CM500 is not in the same class as the HEIL PRO7 or the RADIOSPORT, but for the price it is OK. 
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I know this is an older thread but I am confused. I just ordered one of these as well and the Amazon site said Electric (not electret) But the box says Dynamic so are electret or not ? Or are they throwing around terms they don't understand ?  I don't want to cut the packaging open until I know if this is the right mic or not. It does look like it has a box in line which I assume is the battery box.

What is there real deal on these headsets ?