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Walt - KZ1F

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Posted 2 years ago

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Looks great Walt, coming along nicely.
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Tim - G7GFW / F4VQP

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Now that looks really interesting, if you need any beta testers.....details on qrz are correct!
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Peter K1PGV, Elmer

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Nice work, Walt.

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Walt - KZ1F

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Thanks Peter, that means a lot, esp from you. I, likely never shared this. In the late 80's I did OS2NOS (or OSNOS) and PMNOS, under OS/2. It was a multithreaded, TCP/IP stack running natively under OS/2. This before TCP/IP stacks were ubiquitous with OSs. I wrote an entire 'ecosystem' around it. (Yes, back then it was an avocation as well). So I had this mailer I wrote with an animated icon for the minimized breadcrumb. Anyway, this beta tester said he loved the the functionality but the icon and bmp looked like "some kid drew it with a crayon". Well, that ended any pretence I may have had about a career in GUI. Peter, others may not get this but writing GUI or RIA apps was never a core component of my 'day job'. This is why I asked Steve about their CSS file. For those unfamiliar, a CSS file is a style sheet which, externally, tells the program how to present itself...the style of the UI.

That two pan vid. I don't generally do 2 simultaneous pans and they spanned 2 monitors..yeah they were slower than 1/3 of 1 monitor..but...damn! Oh, Peter..it looks identically on Windows as well.


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IW7DMH, Enzo

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Great job! Really amazing graphics dear Walt.

73' Enzo