WSJT-X and 1.8.4

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Upgraded to 1.8.4, from 1.6.21, on FLEX 6300, and I am not able to transmit either JT65 or JT9 code.  Rig is putting out montone signal.  JT65-HF is fully functional.  Tried downgrading to 1.7.3 and got the same results.  I have had no problems with WSJT-x and the FLEX 6300 for over a year until now.
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Posted 3 years ago

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WSJT-X v1.6.0 has been working fine with 1.8.4 for me since it's release last week.   Are you sure your running the correct version of DAX Control Panel (v1.8.4)?   Before dowgrading I would try a clean install of your DAX Drivers....

Cal / N3CAL
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Mark Gottlieb

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Yes, I am running DAX along with the 1.8.4 SDR software.  I am having no problem with JT65HF.  I installed SDR as a package.  Never did the DAX drivers by themselves.  How is that done?
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Check DAX as the transmit selections have changed since v 1.7 Then check WSJT configure for transmit audio selection. You may have to readjust your transmit audio level.
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go to the Windows un install programs and un install all versions of SSDR. Make sure you answer "NO" to leaving DAX on the computer in all cases. Re Boot the computer and install 1.8 then check the audio tab on WSJT-X to see what DAX transmit channel you are connected to. Should be "DAX Audio TX".
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   Jt65-HF works but WSJT-X does not ??  Which version of WSJT-X are your using ?  Does the TX Stream indicate level in the DAX GUI when you transmit ?   You may need to reselect the sound card output in wsjt-x ( to DAX TX ).

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It does not matter if I run Maestro or SmartSDR with my Flex 6700.   SmartSDR or Maestro randomly quits or hangs (of course when I am out of the room) and leaves WSJT-X running and talking to nothing. It gives me a CAT failed message.  These are all ethernet connections on Windows 10 devices ad they are all plugged into a Netgear gigabit switch which separates N4HY from the house.  Out of 700,000 packets zero were dropped (latest measurement).  I cannot go off and leave this unattended for any reason.  It dies at random times during the day.  SmartSDR Windows dies and hangs in the background as zombie.  I am sure the Windows 10 embedded code in Maestro is experiencing the same thing.  I am fearing an issue with ethernet in my Flex 6700.

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Sounds like it may be a network connection issue with the rig. Can you try hooking your 6700 directly to your PC with a different (known good) Ethernet cable to see  if the issue persists? That will rule out some of the possibilities. You might also want to double check the CAT settings in WSJT-X to verify you're matching what SmartCAT expects. Kenwood TS2000 emulation, 4800 bps, etc. What version of WSJT-X, by the way? Some changes have been made (including to HamLib) in the 1.7 dev branch.
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A CAUTIONARY TALE!!  I resolved ALL of my problems with Maestro, FLex6700,  SmartSDR Windows, and more.  I have not had a single failure of any type since I resolved this.

In an effort to be tough on RFI and EMI, I put a single ferrite core on my Gigabit ethernet cable coming into the Flex 6700.  DISASTER.  Of course it distorted the crap out of the pulses even though that is a twisted pair.  The minute I removed it, all problems disappeared.  In 161,078,500 packets I have dropped 332 and they caused no problems at all.

Bob N4HY
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You made me check.
Found one.
Never really thought about it, enough, but I did know better,
Magical thinking is hard to unlearn, once learned.

73, Jay - NO5J