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As some of you may recall I am a relatively new Flex 6400M owner, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.  My main mode lately has been FT8 on WSJT-X software.  Learned something very interesting today about WSJT-X/FT8, which is that you really really really do have to have your computer clock synched with GMT.  I'd seen that when Reading TFM, but didn't really pay much attention.  Well, today I was calling CQ on FT8/20M and although the waterfall indicated guys were coming back, I didn't synch with them into a QSO (perhaps bad terminology there).  Finally someone "texted" me (question about that below) and told me that my clock was way off.  By then I had figured out that there was some problem in that regards.  Ultimately I adjusted my Windows clock to NIST time, called CQ, someone came back and immediately synched; problem solved.
My sincere apologies to the many people who tried calling me this morning and could not connect.  My noob bad.
You can tell if your clock is off, apparently, by looking at the "DT" (delay time) column in WSJT-X.  It should be something like .3, .4 or somesuch.  For me before I re-synched the clock it was more like 3.0 and so forth.  Obviously I had no clue what this column even meant, but that apparently is an easy way to tell if you are relatively synched.
So the obvious (now) lesson is, check your computer clock regularly to ensure that it is synched to NIST/GMT time.
Now, here is a question from a noob -- how the heck did that guy "text" me?  I'll have to RTFM again in WSJT to see if it has that capability -- how does that work?
.... the Flex adventure continues ... 
de Roger W6VZV
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Posted 2 years ago

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If you also have JTAlert running, there is a messaging module included. It makes it handy to coordinate beam headings, Transmit times, etc.

I have used it a lot to ask stations to listen for me in another band, etc.

Ken - NM9P
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Wow, that's cool. never knew that.
you know what I think would be neat? If we could text other Flex users on air from SSDR and have it pop up on their screen at the other end.
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In JTAlert click View and then Text
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Thanks for the tip Ken, still learning here.
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If JTAlert has focus, hit F5 will also bring it up. But the windo times out quickly after it pops up. It also grabs your text entry focus when someone texts you...caused a lot of. Messed up log entry or text entries. But overal a handy tool.