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I have my WSJT-X setup running on my 6300, using DogPark SDR, XDAX, and XCAT now, and I am very pleased with the Results running on my iMac. Smooth as silk - connects to the radio better than my Windows setup.
Here's a screen grab of it running:
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Posted 1 year ago

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Yep, that is what I do and it works well. You can also use JTBridge if you want.
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Michael, my exact sentiments. SSDR on Windows is good but dogparkSDR is much better. The setup is quick and fast. Enjoy it everyday. Nice setup.
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I had WSJT working on my MACbook, and now it doesn't start anymore.

I did several times remove the program reinstall it but it doesn't work anymore.

the only thing appears is the WSJT icon in the dock, but no program starts.

JT-DX works on the Mac but no WSJT.

Does anyone had the same problem and can help me with the solution then i'am glad to hear it, so that WSJT is working again.

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I presume you're running Catalina?  Apparently, v2.1.0 doesn't work with Catalina: like you, it crashes on my system too. Supposedly the problem has been identified as an issue with a Qt library, but it won't be fixed until the next WJST-X release.
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Yes I run Catalina, so till then I must run JT DX?

So next time I won't be to fast with updating OS :-(.

But now just only waiting with new release WSJT.

Tnx for reply.
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Is Wjst-x still not working on Catalina?
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wsjtx is now working with Catalina

The hard part is properly doing sysctl file update with catalina.

i have not done it,  but my friend K3RH has it working
had to contact  G4IDB who manages mac versions
to get proper sysctl file....,,catalina+wsjtx,20,2,20,0

Paul K3SF

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The necessary file and instructions are in the WSJT-X dmg file. Readme has details.
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WSJT works fine . . . Im just learning Mac from Windozzeee and It took me about an hour to set it up with those commands that needed to be put in