WSJT and SliceMaster getting the wrong data in the window

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Windows 7 Flex 2.49  SliceMaster 0.10.5e  WSJT 2.0.0 Flex 6700
Not sure where the issue is but thought I'd start here...  After I get a couple of WSPR slices feeding from the various DAX channels (I have verified the right audio is getting to the right WSPR instance) I start to notice the WSPR window will erroneously display (and post) data from other windows. When noticed I shut it down quickly as I'm polluting the various band maps with bad data  but it seems to happen whenever I have several instances open.  It did it when all my slices where opened using SliceMaster and it also did it when I had only one slice open in SliceMaster and the other slices were opened the conventional way. The instance running under SliceMaster acquired spots from another window.  Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks, Don
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Posted 1 year ago

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I'm able to reproduce what you are seeing.  I suspect that the problem is with WSJT-X.  If I run instances on two different slices I get the same results displayed in both instances. 

For fun, I started up Slice Master and DAX on another computer and had them both connect to the same radio as the first.  On the second computer I ran WSJT-X on just one of the slices and saw the same results in all three instances.  Next, I killed the instance on the second computer and started up a new instance there but this time on the second slice.  This time I was treated to different results on the second computer!  

Finally, I ran just one instance on each computer.  If they were both on the same slice, the results were the same.  Both on different slices, the results were different.

So it seems that WSJT-X doesnt handle multiple instances running WSPR all that well.  If both instances are on the same computer, I see the same results in both instances.  The fun part is that I was unable to convince myself that the results were always coming from the same slice when two instances were running on the same computer.  I'm pretty sure I saw some decodes where the result on the "third" instance matched the first two and other times not. 

It might also be helpful to note that one computer was running WSJT-X 2.0.0 while the other was running 1.8.0, so this cant be a recent problem.

I guess the question now is, has anyone ever successfully run multiple WSPR instances of WSJT-X?