Wrong Bit Depth or Rate in DAX

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For months third-party apps such as WSJT-X and FLDIGI functioned just fine. But recently, I've had trouble with WSJT-X not decoding any data. To troubleshoot, I used the Windows audio utilities to listen to the stream DAX was sending to the app and it was messed up ("crackly") in a way typical of a wrong audio bit depth or rate. I killed and restarted DAX and the problem resolved in the case of one instance of WSJT-X. But another instance (I use a WSJT-X command-line argument that prevents multiple instances from having conflicts over a common log file, etc.) did not perk up. Many minutes later I noticed the problem (having wrongly assumed that there simply was no data) and restarted DAX a second time, at which point the second WSJT-X instance also began functioning correctly.

Lots of questions follow. But those which seem to me most important are:
1. Why did this problem show up only recently (apparently owing to installation of SSDR/DAX 1.10.16)?
2. Am I rightly diagnosing the problem as inconsistent bit depth/rate?
3. Is there a better way of ensuring compatible bit depth and rate than killing and restarting DAX while hoping for an improved result (bit depth/rate roulette)?
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