Woodbox Bobs Smart Meter COM port hint

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I tried to use the latest Smart Meter by Beppe and could not get the COM port parameter passed to the program.   Windows continued to object to that process of using a BAT file to start one or more copies of Smart Meter.  I found if I full qualified the path to the program, no matter where I placed it, however all would work well IF the enclosing quotes are used correctly.  Here is an example of a BAT file that works on Win 7 and 10.

@echo off 
start  ""  "c:\HamRadio\Bobs Meter\Smart_meter_PLUS.exe" COM4 ON

Notice first pair of quotes names (here a null) the window used to start the Meter program.  The parameters passed to the program must be OUTSIDE the ending quotes.

Thank you Beppe for creating a good "friend" on my SmartSDR screen.  

-=Brian, W9HLQ=-
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