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FLEX 63OO WITH LENOVO W530, Win 7. This laptop has 2 NIC cards -- one for wired, and one for wireless. What I want to do is connect radio to the wired port via local link (accessable ONLY from this computer) and use wireless to connect to internet for spotting nets etc. My Windows gurus solution is to get a switch and wire that into the router for the wireless network, and that it is crazy to have two networks. Maybe so, but it seems like I have the hardware to do what I want without another box or running wires, but I can't figure out how to get Windows to allow it. Now, when I start computer, Wireless connects just fine. Once the 6300 connects, the wireless connection disconnects and won't reconnect until the 6300 is disconnected. Suggestions? 
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Posted 4 years ago

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There are two issues here: First you may have a routing problem.  If I'm correct, you will need to look at your Windows routing table (route print in a DOS box) and understand how it is setup.  Then you may have to add routes to explain to Windows where network traffic goes under different circumstances.  In short, you want all radio traffic (169.254.x.x) to go to the Local Link adapter and you want everything else to go to the Wireless connector.

Second, I'm not certain that we have done any multiple-NIC testing and it is possible that we bind to whichever NIC we find first.  This may present a problem or it may not.  

If it were me, I would try to get the routes straight and then see if it works.  If it does not, it is likely a binding issue in SmartSDR (SmartSDR doesn't know which adapter to use either).  If this is the problem, we may be able to fix it, but we'll need to know that it doesn't work and then make time to go test this and see how much effort may be required to fix it.  But it may just work -- I just don't know.
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I use a desktop with WiFi and a separate Ethernet port as many have standard. The WiFi connects to my Netgear router for internet access and I plug the Ethernet into the 6300. Everything works fine.
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Shooting in the dark... Have your tried going into the device manager> network adapter and dis-abling/enabling the wireless adapter after the 6300 is connected ??

Al, K0VM
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The Surface Pro 2 has only one USB port plus the WiFI; Found that a USB hub with Ethernet connectivity can provide a connection to the radio and the WIFI can be active for the internet at the same time. Flex controller connects through the USB hub as well.
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Mike - we have seen this behavior with Windows from a support perspective.  The advice Steve gave is very good for the first step in troubleshooting, but do not be surprised if the route tabels are correct.  What we have discovered is that the wireless network driver does some strange internal routing that ensures it is the primary NIC in the PC.

To test this, disable your wireless adapter and power off the 6000.  Reboot the PC.  Then power on the 6000.  You should be able to connect without any problem.  Now re-enable the wireless.  There is a 50/50 chance that the radio will continue to work and your PC will be able to access the Internet.

BTW, your PC gurus are correct.  The best way to set up your network is to connect the 6000 to your wireless router.  This will allow any PC in your network to access the radio.  And it is not two separate networks (LANs), it is an extension of the WLAN.
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This is the correct way probs using win 8.1 on surface pro 3 using WiFi n wired to 6500
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If you have problems with the wireless bandwidth to transfer the SDR radio data you can use a additional router with WISP (Wireless ISP). Connection to Laptop and Flex is via cable; Connection to the Internet router is wireless. Workes fine with me; simple to install , < 30€ . I use a EDIMAX  BR6228, but there are others as well, but not all Routers can do this.

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Its good to see what others (Guenter, Kirk) are doing what I want to do, and it works. It does look like an issue with the routing table, which I will investigate more over the weekend -- want to make sure I understand what I am doing, and can put it back if I screw anything up. FYI: I neglected to mention that the 6300 works just fine via Local Link every time, but once the 6300 connects, my WiFi connection to the internet drops.--Mike, WV2ZOW
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I got a 39 dollar Wifi extender. It provides an ethernet port to plug the Flex into. Now the Flex is on the same network as my latop wifi.  Works!
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I plan on doing a video soon on this as well.  Watch The Radio Hobbyist YouTube channel.