Windows 10 upgrade issues?

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Are the upgrades still a problem? I am moving to a Windows 10 computer due to my current pc failing. Is there anything I can do when I set up the computer, to avoid issues with the upgrades?

Pat WW9R
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Posted 6 months ago

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I contacted MicroSoft support and had them disable ALL automatic upgrades on my Windows 10 computer.  I explained that it controlled a radio station and that upgrades interfered with the specialized software used to control the radios.  It cost me a service fee, but, I now have a very stable computer that NEVER upgrades.
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Have never had an issue with my 6600M using automatic Windows 10 upgrades.  However, I don't use third-party software (other than WSJT-X for FT8). 
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Still Issues with there dam updates on some computers, depends on what Windows decides your Virtual COM port driver and sound Devices and Drivers should be, This is NOTHING to do with SmartSDR or FLEX and thus FLEX really can't fix the OS.

Best thing to do is remove SmartSDR and SmartVSP before you let the upgrade proceed then re-install SmartSDR 
OR if you are lucky enough to have a number to call Microsoft to turn off your updates? would be nice info to share with the rest of us. 


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I had 1 update on 4/5 and 2 security and cumulative updates on 4/9 for 1803 without any issues
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The updates can and probably will cause issues but they are fairly easy to fix.  There are instructions on this forum if you have issues.

One thing you can do that does help is to keep an eye on the major update releases from M$.  When your computer downloads a big one and will install it at some later point I have uninstalled SSDR, Dax drivers, etc.   Let the update install then re-installed and it seems the work.

This works for the big updates but even the little ones can cause some issues.  The issues are mostly centered around DAX drivers.  If you don't use DAX much then you will likely never see an issue.

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I use DAX for RTTY, so it may be an issue.  I will follow your advice and hopefully that will stop any unexpected issues.  Thanks to everyone for the quick replies.
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I too use Win 10 and have only had one issue which I quickly fixed.  One thing is that you'll want to have the new Win 10 computer fully updated *before* you install SDR.  Don't install SDR and immediately thereafter do a huge update.  I did that and I had to re-install SDR, which by the way was very easy to do.

Good luck.  de Roger W6VZV
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This conflict with DAX and windows updates has gone on long enough.  I had it happen and Tim had to fix it and now it has happened again with the latest update.  Getting sick of this crap.  Flex...GET IT FIXED
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Microsoft is an equal-opportunity destroyer - they indiscriminately attack any sound driver, not just those from Flex. A fix for this also involves Microsoft caring to fix it!